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Building Management System

Building Management System

building management system that reliably controls installations of all categories and complexities. It is a microprocessor based control system which measures, co-ordinates, evaluates and monitors thousands of digital and analog input / output signals in the building.

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Master-Controller (with integrated colour graphical LCD display)
Cat. No. BSRC720DM

ATMOS BSRC720DM is a freely programmable Master Controller with an integrated coloured
graphical display of 3,5“, resolution 320*240 Pixel, Navigation via knob (turn and push),
DIN-rail or panel door mounting.
The Master Controller is powered by 32 Bit-Micro processor with real time operation system, 8 MB SD-RAM, 4 MB Flash Memory and a slot for SD – Memory Card for controller data and program backup

  • 2 x RS232 Interface: Used for connect ion to PC, analog/gsm messenger, modem and printer as well as for the connection of already implemented protocols
  • 2 x RS485 Interface: Used alternatively to Ethernet for communication within the Multi-Master Network with up to 63 further Master Controller as well as for the connection of already implemented protocols
  • 2 x Ethernet Interfaces (In/Out with integrated Hub-Functionality) for the Peer to-Peer communication based on Ethernet for the connection of Master Controller within the Multi-Master-Network
  • 1 x L-Bus1-connection with selectable speed for the connection of up to 64 Slave-Modules BSRC C
  • 1 x L-Bus2-connection with selectable speed for the connection of up to 32 I/O-Modules BSRC D
  • 1 x USB Interface (Slave) for program downloads
  • The already implemented protocols like ASCII, Modbus RTU Master/Slave, M-Bus, Wilo-Bus, Grundfos-Bus and BSRC-C-protocol canbe combined with the integrated Interfaces (RS232/RS485)
  • UL listed, approved to European EMC standards CENELEC EN 50 082-1 and EN 55 011
  • Power supply 24 VAC/DC +/- 10 %
  • Power consumption 5 W
  • IP Protection IP 20 acc. to DIN 40050
  • Dimensions w x h x d, 160 x 136 x 35 mm, Weight – 270 gCat. No. BSRC720D-WIdentical to BSRC720DM, but
    – with an integrated Web server for the visualization and operation of plant data and alarmsvia Intranet or Internet with a standard web browser. The HTML pages are designed comfortably and efficiently with the RCO-tool.

The Input/Output Modules series can be operated in combination with a D-series Master Controller and is suitable for operation in the BSRC network. Up to 32 I/O modules can be connected to one Master Controller via the L-bus. The control, optimizing and monitoring functions are programmed within the Master Controller. The series adheres to European EMC standards CENELEC EN50 082-1 and EN 55 011 CE approval.

Universal Input Module

Cat. No. BSRC110DS

The slave module BSRC110DS is measures digital and different analog values of the technical plant.
• 8 universal inputs

• Plug-in terminals
• For DIN-rail or panel door mounting
• Dimensions in mm – 22.5 (W) X 97 (H) X 125 (D), Weight 120 g • Power consumption – 2.8 W


Analog Output Module (without manual override) Cat. No. BSRC210DS

The Slave Module BSRC 210 D-S is supplies analog output signals (0 – 10 V DC) to the technical plant.
• 4 Analog outputs

• Plug in terminals
• For DIN-rail or Panel Door Mounting
• Dimensions in mm – 22.5 (W) X 97 (H) X 125 (D), Weight 170 g • Power consumption – 2.4 W


Cat. No. BSRC000DT

T-Bus Connector with 5 pins for the bus and power supply of the input/output modules. Pre-mounted on DIN rail for simple assembly of the I/O Modules.


T-Bus-connection terminals

Cat. No. BSRC000DK

T-Bus-connection terminals with 5 pins for the bus and power supply between the master and the I/O Modules as well as for the change of the DIN rail row.


SD-Memory Card

Cat. No. BSRC000DC

SD-Memory Card with 1 GB for data and program memory suitable for the Master-Controller BSRC 7..D-M series.and smart controller BSRC 5..D-M series


Web-based Building Management Software designed on the modern Microsoft Net-Framework Technology. The software is used to operate, monitor and control HVAC systems, mechanical systems, electrical systems, water management , security, fire alarm, etc. in buildings for the Building automation system BSRC. Integrated Engineering-tool for on- and offline programming, freely configurable, animated visualisations for graphical operation, alarm and messenger management. Access management for user and user groups, event logs, historical- and online trends. Operating systems: MS Windows XP prof. / Vista business

Consisting of: – Manual
– USB Dongle

Software license for 300 applets Software license for 1000 applets Software license for 2500 applets Software license for 5000 applets Software license for 9999 applets

Dealer Version as working environment for project and application development (projects / pages / widgets, etc.). The number of data points is not limited. A pop-up window appears regularly and has to be acknowledged.


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