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Network Project

The computer networking projects that are listed on the website are professional networked projects that would be encountered in a real-world environment. The site contains categories, which are intended for different types of computer network careers. This method of learning would help between the gap between industries.

Server Box

Client-server systems are currently most frequently implemented by the request-response model (and often identified with it): a client sends a request to the server that executes an action and returns a response to the client, typically With a result or acknowledgment.


The LED monitors provide higher contrast and better viewing angles than LCD screens, but they require more power when displaying documents with white or bright backgrounds.


Network Storage (NAS) is a type of dedicated file storage device that provides file-based shared storage to LAN nodes (LANs) via a standard Ethernet connection.

Network Switches

A network switch also referred to as switching center, bridge bridge, officially MAC bridge is a computer network device that connects the devices together on a computer network, using packet switching to receive, process and transfer data to the device Destination

Hard Disk

A hard disk, a hard disk or a fixed disk is a data storage device that uses magnetic storage to store and retrieve digital information using one or more fast rotating rigid disks coated with magnetic material . The trays are paired with magnetic heads, usually disposed on a movable actuating arm, which read and write data on the surfaces of the tray.

RJ 45 Network Cabling

RJ45, a familiar and unofficial name referring to any of a number of 8-position, 8-contact, non-contacting telecommunication cylinder varieties. RJ45, an 8-way, 8-way, non-keyed, modular plug used primarily for connecting cables for Ethernet and other computer and telecommunications interconnections.

POE Switches

A POE switch is a network switch with an integrated Power over Ethernet injection. Simply connect other network devices to the switch as usual, and the switch will detect if they are POE compliant and automatically turn on power.

Wireless Mouse

Wireless or wireless mice transmit data via infrared radiation or radio, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The receiver is connected to the computer via a serial or USB port, or can be integrated as is sometimes the case The case with Bluetooth and WiFi. Modern non-Bluetooth and non-WiFi wireless mouse use USB receivers.


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